Internships + Employment


Available Internships

We are recruiting for the following internships; Business + Marketing Associate, E-Commerce Sales Specialist, Apparel Design Associate and Graphic + Content Design Assistant. 

Listed below are the requirements for our internships. 

Must be 18 years of age, have a valid driving license and transportation to and from our office for each shift. Some work can be conducted on campus/remotely but in office days are required. 

Ability to work 12-20 hours per week, on average throughout the semester. ( Holidays, weekends, nights are NOT required)

A signed non-disclosure agreement to protect all private company information. 

We are looking for enthusiastic, hard working, reliable, trustworthy and creative thinkers. If you are dedicated & looking for an opportunity to take pride in- let’s start your future at Styletyme.


Business + Marketing Associates / E-Commerce Sales Specialist

Learning & utilizing social media, SEO, and online trends to increase online presence and website traffic. Staging and selecting image photos, researching and understanding different online “markets” and overall online sales strategies/logistics while maintaining our brand. Product selection, overall website appeal, marketing strategies, product testing, photo shoot assistance, etc. 

Apparel Design Associate 

Assisting in the creation of a new apparel clothing line for children; eco-friendly, made in the USA. Offering design input, assisting with sewing, cutting samples/patterns, choosing fabrics, draping, etc. Sourcing and selecting materials, pricing, production timelines, etc. This position required sewing machine use and basic design knowledge. (Fashion Merchandising Degree Students)

Graphic + Content Design Assistant                   

Creating marketing images, writing content, working with sales/ design team, blog content, SEO, E-mail marketing campaign design, social media images, assisting in photo shoots, image selections/creative direction, styling for ad campaigns, designing marketing materials, etc.