YOU need Pink Champagne LipSense in your collection!

If Pink Champagne LipSense is not in your collection, you need to change that today!  It is the top seller as a Starter Color for those new to LipSense and it is a top go to lip color for the nude, no makeup look also dramatic eyes usually call for a softer lippie.  So many reasons you NEED Pink Champagne LipSense.  I give your permission, go ahead and had Pink Champagne into your c…

Top SELLER Dark Pink LipSense

Dark Pink LipSense is a beautiful purple based LipSense.  If you have trouble with colors turning brown or red on you,  YOU SHOULD TRY DARK PINK LIPSENSE for a true PINK lipstick!…


EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE WE HAVE ONE ARMY PINK LIPSENSE AVAILABLE.Later Army Pink LipSense had a name change to Peace Pink LipSense.  Both Discontinued and considered RARE lipsense and Collectors!  Who will add this ARMY PINK to their LipSense Collection?

Violette LipSense IN stock

Violette LipSense was a limited edition LipSense brought back by popular demand. Violette was relaunched and added back into the permanent line October 2017!Violette LipSense IN StoCK